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“Tara for Water” takes Miss Auburn 2013

Tara for Water

Auburn University’s 2013 Miss Auburn, Tara Jones, hails from the College of Business. The junior from Kennesaw, Georgia, used a mix of smart marketing, trending video and a strong social stance to launch her to the top of the ballot. In addition to snagging her the Miss Auburn crown, Ms. Jone’s “Tara for Water” campaign raised more than $7,500, in partnership with three non-profit agencies.

“About one billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water,” said Jones. “It was crazy to look at the photos and see the muddy water that people were drinking, and then reading all the stats that said about 80 percent of all disease in third-world countries exist because they are drinking bad water. All of these problems that a lot of people are trying to solve are originating because they are getting their water from filthy swamps and they’re not walking to the nearest well because the well is too far.”

Joe McAdory with the College of Business’s communication department interviewed the newly appointed Miss Auburn about her campaign and her vision for the future. To read the full Q&A with this remarkable young woman, head on over to the College of Business mainpage.

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