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New instructor takes dynamic approach to marketing

Jasmine Le

Dynamic. Confident. Focused.  Consistent. Honest. Those are the traits of a good marketer, according to new Harbert College of Business marketing instructor Jasmine Le.

“Dynamic means do not let people feel bored when being with you,” explained Le, who came to Auburn after earning an MBA in Retail Marketing and Leadership from The State University of New York at Binghamton. “Confident means always know what you are doing, and certain that you have the abilities to get what you want. Then stay focused and consistent on everything you have committed. As long as you keep your eyes on the prize and work yourself towards it, you will eventually get there. Last but not least, stay true to yourself, be genuinely honest at heart — because there is no way you can become a marketer if people don’t trust you.”

Le, who is teaching sales management and advertising during the fall semester, has professional experience in internet marketing, retail, and branding in cosmetics and consumer goods in Singapore, and her homeland of Vietnam.

Instead of a formal classroom learning environment, Le’s students at Harbert enjoy a different atmosphere.

“Everybody comes to class expecting to be lectured to,” said Le, who grew up hoping to one day become a teacher. “What I want people getting out of my class will be a little bit of fun — and there are some key concepts that need to be carried with them. In order to help them understand, they should apply problems, apply case studies, and have some fun going with it, so that they will remember the key concepts.

“Generally speaking, my classes are about basic definitions and applied concepts. In sales management, we are learning different analysis methods such as prospectus models, decision models, marginal analysis, value analysis, and leadership. In advertising, we are learning the communication process, budgeting, media evaluation, and effectiveness measurements.”

Le believes her students will be better prepared for their respective marketing careers because, “they will know the key concepts and, hopefully, know how to better communicate to win people. The key concepts will be the foundation for their knowledge. In sales management and advertising, they will be learning to deal with people, either customers or their own staff. Dealing with people is a lifetime learning process, the more experiences you have the more successful you will be.”

Le lives in Auburn with her husband, Quang, and daughter, Daisy.

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