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March Madness

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Update: As of 4/1, Dean @BHardgrave is hanging tough in Top 3, w/ @AubOrange @TaraGrantJones.

From the Editors: Spring Break has just wrapped up here at Auburn University but March Madness is just beginning! To celebrate the launch of the College of Business’s Facebook, Twitter and, we’re going to have a little fun with Dean Hardgrave’s NCAA Basketball Picks. Students, faculty and alumni are hereby formally challenged to Beat the Dean. Follow the instructions below to submit your brackets. The Dean and the rest of the College of Business Communications team will be following along and posting periodic updates on our social media accounts.

  1. Fill out your bracket and snap a photo with your phone / Instagram
  2. Tweet the image and “Beat the Dean” to @AUBusiness with the hashtag #WEBiz
  3. Wear your lucky socks!

Can you Beat the Dean?! #WEBiz

March Madness, Dean Bill Hardgrave

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