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Alumni Profile: Clay McInnis

Southern Eco, Clay McInnis

Clay McInnisAt just twenty-four, Clay McInnis has already been named by BusinessWeek as one of the Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in America and was a featured guest on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

McInnis graduated from Auburn University’s College of Business with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Family Business (ENFB). For lack of a better word, he’s been “busy” ever since:

…the Montgomery native developed a company, SouthernEco, LLC, that produces biodiesel fuel, another, Cold As Ice, LLC, that sells packaged ice for $1.75 for a 20-pound bag, via a chain of automated dispensers, and is co-investor in a large commercial rental property (12 Jefferson) in downtown Montgomery, and was instrumental in working with lawmakers in the passage of the recent Alabama brewing laws.

McInnis recently returned to Auburn to talk with students in Professor Dave Ketchen’s Growth Strategies for Emerging Companies class. To hear his advice and get Clay’s full story, head on over the College of Business mainsite.

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