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How to write a winning college essay in 12 hours?

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By Dale Pruitt

Nothing can be worse than the deadline inevitably coming nearer. This makes you much more motivated to get down to work and finally write an essay, even if there are only 12 hours left. In the process of your studies, you might find yourself face to face with the unwritten essay that needs to be completed just in a few hours before submission. But no need to worry, as you have all chances to create a masterfully written paper within no more than 12 hours. Here are a few steps from an essay expert how to write an essay urgently but successfully.

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Essay writing Tips

Calm down and don’t panic

The last thing you should do in such circumstances is start worrying, because it will neither help you to write an essay, nor motivate you to do the work properly. Just keep your nerves calm and try to find an inspiration for future work, such as an excellent mark that you will get after all the hardships.

Plan your future writing process in detail

If you are faced with an urgent writing task that needs to be completed within just a few hours, you should not neglect the planning process as this will help you to organize your thoughts and brainstorm the ideas for your future paper. Don’t forget to get ready emotionally and physically, so that nothing could distract you from the writing process.

Choose a quiet place and get down to work

After the preparatory work is over, just find a calm place where no one would disturb you and start writing your essay. At the same time, try to stay confident and focused in order to ensure that the end result is satisfactory. Don’t forget to carefully think over the structure of your essay and make a detailed outline.

However, if you feel like you need help with your essay (especially if only 12 hours are left), we recommend you to ask our service for qualified assistance.

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